Sugaring has significant advantages to conventional waxing methods. It is one of the oldest methods of hair removal – developed by the ancient Egyptians. The earliest references to sugaring come from hieroglyphics that describe how slave girls serving Pharaoh were expected to remove all their body hair.

Bodeze is made in New Zealand with a focus on quality, containing natural ingredients like sugar, honey, aloe vera, kiwifruit and lemon, to take this proven hair removal method into the 21st century. In attractive packaging and with a delightful fragrance, each pack delivers a hair removal experience like no other.

  • Made in New Zealand
  • Significantly less redness and discomfort than waxing
  • Has skin enhancers and is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Is applied warm (not hot) and therefore is very unlikely to cause accidental burns
  • Unlike waxing, cleaning up afterwards requires no harsh solvents – the product simply washes off in warm water
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