Ceri McVinnie - Miss Tourism NZ 2015 and Brand Value brand ambassador

Introducing Ceri McVinnie

Brand Value brand ambassador

She looks like the girl next door, beautiful, charming, softly spoken but with a zest for life and a passion amongst other things for beauty products. Not just any products, but some of the finest New Zealand made beauty products.

Her newly appointed role of brand ambassador for Brand Value Ltd combined with her new title of Miss Tourism NZ 2015, you can see why Ceri McVinnie is on a winning streak. She is will be competing for the Miss Tourism International World Final Title in Vietnam in October this year.

Brand Value's Vision is to develop and manage internationally recognised beauty brands that are the best in quality and value in their respective categories. In her role as Miss Tourism, Ceri fits the bill perfectly and will be taking Brand Values brands of Phâro, Natural Glow, Radiessence and bodEze further a field into the international markets.

Winning the Miss Morrinsville beauty pageant last year has opened many doors for Ceri McVinnie. She went on to win the Miss Tourism NZ title after being selected as a finalist in the Miss World New Zealand pageant in April at the Rendezvous Hotel Auckland.

The 23-year-old has an important message for young Kiwi women:

"I've been in an abusive relationship and I'd like to inspire other girls who have been in the same situation," she said.

"It was something I found really hard to admit to my family and it was really hard to get out of that situation, but I managed to do it. I would like to help people in the same situation to get their voice back."

McVinnie, who is a former Waikato resident said, she was invited to apply for the Miss World NZ contest after winning Miss Morrinsville in 2014.

"I probably wouldn't have thought of entering if I hadn't won Miss Morrinsville," she said.

She has also been named Miss Mount Maunganui 2014, second runner up World Supermodel New Zealand 2014 and Miss Friendship Award at Miss World East Auckland 2014. McVinnie entered beauty pageants to build her self esteem and confidence after gaining strength from a lengthy abusive relationship and has been mentored by her agent Pam Cummings. Pam says "Ceri has come from being a victim to a victorious young woman".

Bernadette Soares is the Managing Director of Brand Value Ltd, a company committed to Beauty products manufactured in New Zealand for the world. Bernadette says, when she met Ceri, she was a judge at the Miss World New Zealand April pageant and was drawn to Ceri's natural charm followed by her story. "It was such a pleasure to offer Ceri an opportunity to work with our marketing and PR within Brand Value. Ceri has taken to the products and looks fabulous wearing them and as she grows in confidence she will do herself and the company proud."

McVinnie now lives in Auckland, where she works at a preschool for 30 hours a week, as well as finishing her bachelor of teaching degree at the New Zealand Tertiary College by correspondence.

She says, "I've always loved children and helping them and seeing these little people grow."

Ceri was drawn to the Miss World New Zealand contest because of its "beauty with a purpose" concept.

The pageant encourages contestants to help humanitarian and charity projects, she said.

This year, pageant contestants raised $17,000 for the Oaklynn School for special needs children in Auckland to help raise money for a new van. "It's been quite a commitment," she said. "It's truely been an amazing experience."

Ceri says, she now has a new commitment with Brand Value and she is enjoying the opportunity of testing, promoting and most importantly using the vast range of products that she has available to her from the 4 in-house brands that Brand Value develops, manufactures and distributes. Ceri says, the quality of products is amazing, while easy to use and added to that, they are made in New Zealand which guarantees the consistent quality.

Check out the products that Ceri loves and endorses below:

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