Phâro is a natural, sugar-based, low discomfort alternative to the painful waxing of hair removal. Available in a warm gel formation for all-over body use and a firm gel for Brazilians and bikini lines, these advanced formulations are made in New Zealand and developed for easy, effective, long-term removal of body hair. The gel contains natural skin enhancers of aloe vera and kiwifruit which leave the skin soft, smooth and nourished. The gel contains New Zealand Manuka honey that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and famous for its anti-bacterial properties in healing and protecting sensitive skin. The captivating fragrance of the Manuka honey adds a luxurious dimension to the hair removal experience.

Sugaring offers significant advantages over waxing including:

  • Up to twice the coverage of wax
  • Significantly less discomfort
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Natural, with a delightful Manuka honey fragrance
  • Quick and easy clean up with warm water - no harsh solvents
  • Eco-friendly

In September this year we launched Phâro though our UK distributor Supernail and Beauty Ltd at Olympia Beauty Expo. The brand was received very well and is now available though many beauty Salons and Beauty Colleges in the UK market. It is exciting to see a New Zealand-developed product being launched on the other side of the world and the opportunity that it will provide to extend the brand into the wider European market.

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